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NVidia Makes Laptop Drivers Available


  1/23/2009 2:47:44 PM

NVidia Makes Laptop Drivers Available


NVidia Makes Laptop Drivers Available

I've had quite a few laptops over the years. And each one has had a graphics card manufactured by NVidia or ATI.

Over the years I found the NVidia cards seemed to perform better and were easier to use. And then in 2005 the playing field leveled when I found that the ATI card in a new laptop was just as good as any card I'd every used. I was delighted.

My MacBook Pro has an NVidia GeForce 8600M GT graphics card with 128MB of onboard memory. It's more than enough for what I do.

But running Windows Vista 64bit via dual boot on my machine meant that I needed to find a graphics card driver. And in this case Apple doesn't provide one. When I first started to dual boot my MacBook Pro came to my rescue. But I always wished that I could just download the necessary NVidia driver directly from NVidia. After all, I could from ATI.

And now it would seem that NVidia is finally letting the laptop owners make their own decision. You can now download the latest laptop card drivers from NVidia directly! Get Your NVidia Laptop Driver Here


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