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Find a Windows Process Name by Process ID


  6/26/2012 12:16:04 PM

Find a Windows Process Name by Process ID


Find a Windows Process Name by Process ID

I recently had two processes conflict over utilization of port 443 on one of my Windows 7 machines. I knew which process I wanted to let run, but I had no idea what program was conflicting with it. Here's how I found the conflicting process by ID and name:

I first ran the command netstat -an (this needs to be run from a command prompt running with admin rights).

That gave me a list of all listening ports. Once I identified that a process was utilizing port 443 I wanted to know what process. So I ran netstat -ano which also listed the process id:

netstat -ano process id

Once I had that I needed to find the process name from the ID. Task manager can show that. You need to change some default settings though. With task manager open go to the "Processes" tab and in the menu click "View-Select Columns". From there you may select to show each processes' ID.

Windows 7 Task Manager - Show Process ID

Now with the process ID's available it was easy to find the program in question. Remember that to see all processes you need to click the "Show all Processes" button (which will prompt you for admin access). And then the button changes to a checkbox as seen in the screenshot below:

Process ID Identification - Task Manager

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