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The Fortunate.Encrypt object makes it easy to use the proper form of encryption in your windows development or web development application.



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Fortunate Library Solution - Source Code

Encryption is a must whenever data that is personal/private needs to be stored. And it's still important if the data is only going to be used for a very short period of time - like being passed in the query string of a website.
  1. Dim EncryptObject As Fortunate.Encrypt = New Fortunate.Encrypt
  2. '---Loose encryption
  3. EncryptObject.EncryptString("Encrypt this text")
  4. '---Strong encryption (with key pair one key private the other public and provided via the method)
  5. EncryptObject.EncryptString128Bit("Encrypt this text", "EncryptionKeyAsString")

By entering numbers and/or text in the text box below and clicking the encrypt button you will be able to see the results of using the Fortunate.Encrypt object. The Fortunate.Encrypt object can also decrypt the result.

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