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The Fortunate.CheckboxlistRequiredFieldValidator lets you specify a minimum number of checkboxes that have to be checked and a maximum number of checkboxes allowed to be checked. For web development.



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The RequiredFieldValidator can't be attached to a CheckBoxList. This leaves developers with server side validation as the only option for setting how many checkboxes must be checked in a checkboxlist control. The CheckBoxList RequiredFieldValidator fixes this shortcoming. Its features are as follows:

  • Allows a developer to set the max. and min. check boxes allowed.

  • Validates both client and server side like the built-in RequiredFieldValidator does.

  • Automatically detects and works with Ajax pages.

  • Cross-Browser functionality - tested with the latest versions of IE, Firefox, and Safari.

To see the control in action just attempt to submit correct and incorrect choices for the check box list below. You may change how many checkboxes must be checked and the maximum allowed to be checked with the drop down lists.

Minimum checkboxes required:
Maximum checkboxes allowed: (Set to zero allows all)
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